Having someone work on your project is a tricky business that demands trust and plenty of dialogue. Good business is a dialogue, a relationship, not just a tweet or text, or a 3 minute phone "interview". Business begins with a mutually respectful person-to-person relationship, and a successful relationship begins with trust and understanding.

I put a lot of value on real life experiences. It seems that the most profitable experiences are available only as opportunities present themselves. If opportunities do not present themselves, guess what? you don't work. It also seems that an inordinant amount of emphasis is placed on one's resume of career accomplishments.

My resume is not available here. Largely due to the fact that it is a document of totally irrelavent, worthless information, a past history that says nothing of what I can do for your project here and now.

I have been editing recorded audio, albeit intermittedly, since the early 90's, on time and on budget. If it has to do with sight or sound, I've probably done it at one time or another. Its what I love to do.


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Two of the clips below contain outtakes. Posting finished examples serves no purpose!

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