Having someone work on your project is a tricky business that demands trust and plenty of dialogue. Good business is a dialogue, a relationship, not just a tweet or text, or a 3 minute phone "interview". Business begins with a mutually respectful person-to-person relationship, and a successful relationship begins with trust and understanding.

The process of editing is one that is fraught with critical decisions. Proper sound editing demands a sharp ear and a high degree of attention to details. Not only removing extranious noise, false starts, etc but maintaining a consistant flow of thought is imparitive. I have been editing recorded material since the early 90's and I can do it more cost effectively than anyone in the market - on time and on budget. If it has to do with sight or sound, I've probably done it at one time or another. Its what I love to do.

  • Familiarity with latest computer-based recording technologies, digital mixing

  • Proficient with Audacity, Steinberg Cubase, Goldwave Audio editors

  • Convert all common file formats

  • Collect and digitize all sound elements

  • lenghthen or shorten music/sound files

  • Broad knowledge of music production & application

  • extract audio from video


music player for website

Two of the clips below contain outtakes. Posting finished examples serves no purpose!

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